If you are a blogger or webmaster and your earnings are from advertisement, then you must know some good ad networks. Definitely, Google AdSense is one of the biggest internet advertisement network, which offers the best possible rates to publishers and advertisers with quality. However, it is always a horrible dream when you wake up and see the notification that your AdSense is ban. Now you must need to think some good AdSense alternatives by replacing them you can keep earning from your websites and utilize your website traffic to generate revenue.

We will explain you top 5 AdSense alternatives which we have personally use them to replace AdSense and get good results from earning and payment point of views. We have rated the ad networks from publisher’s point of view.

1: revenuehits.com


It is one of the great growing ad network, which comes into market in 2008 and in no time got so many customers due to their excellence service. So definitely, when you need to replace AdSense then there replacement should be of that caliber. They are offering several ads display options including, display ads, pop ups, widgets and apps so by using them there are more chances of increasing your earnings from your website and traffic. Moreover, another great thing is there minimum payout is just 20$ which you can withdraw by Payoneer or Paypal so you do not need to wait too long to cash out your earnings. Further, we have tested them on our website at where we have the traffic from all countries and they paid good CPM as compared to the other ads network. Therefore, if you are thinking to switch from AdSense to give a try to some other ad network then you must try revenuehits.


2: Adversal.com


It is another great AdSense alternative. They are also offering the variety of ad space including banner ads, pop-unders and Ministitial. They are reputable and reliable ad network working from so many years in the market. They are offering good CPM rates, so you do not need to get worry for using them on your small or medium scale websites. Furthermore, there minimum withdrawal is 20$ only, so you will not need to wait longer for withdrawing your earnings.

3: Media.net


Media.net is another big ad industry giant back by Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, everyone knows Bing and Yahoo are on second position after Google. They are offering the quality services on good rates, but frankly to say, they also have a strict publisher’s approval like Google AdSense. If your website is getting traffic from USA/Canada and Europe then you will enjoy there great high CPC and CPM rates for sure. For traffic from Africa or Asia region will not be much beneficial from earning point of view. Still they are doing well in the market and so many publishers are using them due to their quality services. So still not bad to try them to replace your AdSense. They have their minimum withdraw limit of 100$ like AdSense so you need to wait for your earnings to reach that limit and then you will be able to withdraw them by Wire or Paypal.

4: Chitika.com


One of a popular ad network and consider being best AdSense alternative in the market. From previous 2 years Chitika improves there quality and rates to entertain there publishers and they are back to business and top ratings as well. They are not even offering good CPM rates to high volume of traffic as well as to low volume of traffic. Therefore, you can use them as a good alternate. There minimum payout is just 10$ so it will be great to start with them to put there service into test.

5: Tribalfusion.com


Do not consider them a small ad network. Because there website is not highly graphical and eye catching but still there are among the best ad networks using by big publishers. They are offering great CPM rates so if your website has a huge traffic then you must consider them to use to get benefits.


We told you few good ads network, which you can consider them as AdSense alternative. There are also few more ads network, on which we are working to test them first and then we will share our experience with you.