When we talk about Blackhat SEO then first thing comes in our mind is automation tools for back links building. Most of the tools available in the market claims to give you guaranteed top positions. However, at the same time you must have a proper knowledge of using them properly otherwise, they will harm your website and leave negative impact. Today we will explain about two popular automation tools, which commonly used for creating backlinks.

We will explain you how you can use such automation tools without harming and abusing your website. You can also get benefits from such tools if you know their proper use. First, we will talk about SEnuke.

  1. SEnuke


They claim to be a best automation software available in the market. No-doubt they have a ton of features by using them you can get benefits. You can create your SEO campaigns and the software provide you different SEO strategy templates, which you can choose, or you can also customize them. There are several type of sites they have in their database to create web 2.0, article directories, press releases, video distribution, social networking, social bookmarks, forum profile links, PDF and wiki links. Software also allows you RSS submission, pinging, and indexing facility that helps your back links for fast indexing in search engine.

You need to link any auto captcha membership with the software. Further, you can also add any custom website in SEnuke database. However, remember do not create too many direct backlinks for your websites. Try to use your social links like Facebook fan page, twitter page or youtube channel for creating backlinks.

They have two packages available, SEnuke XCR lite and SEnuke XCR. SEnuke XCR has all feature enable. It’s expensive but you can have it 14 days free trial before going to buy.


  1. GSA Search Engine Ranker


It’s another SEO automation tool, which offers so many features. With GSA search engine ranker you will never have to care about backlinks. It’s endless and can create backlinks for you 24/7. It offers you so many features. It do not need any database submission like other SEO tools. It locate targets automatically and submit them automatically to your website. GSA also verify website submission, it make sure that the link was really placed. After few moments, you can see all build backlinks with all attributes like, number of incoming and outgoing links, anchor text, type of backlink (do follow or no follow).
You do not need to worry again with GSA search engine ranker. This software can be extended to any submission system or submission tool supporting. You can define much projects at the same because you are not limited to submit one website at a time.

GSA has got much features like, you can build backlinks automatically, no fixed database of your website, setup it for only one time and forget about setting it again and again and getting backlinks again, it will never stop creating backlinks until you tell it to stop, it automatically inform search engine to update, free lifetime license and free lifetime updates, it support over 100 platforms to submit your website, etc.

To use such automation tools you need to be careful because if you misuse them your website will get penalty by search engines. Try your maximum to avoid automation tools.