When your website start getting the visitors there are several reasons to track your visitors for better earnings and website optimization. Because you can learn a lot with your traffic stats. If you are using the AdSense, on your website then it is important to know, how long your visitors stay on your website, from which country they belongs, and how much is the bounce rate? By tracking such factors, you can manage and optimize your website landing pages to monetize them to increase your earnings and to get benefits from your visitors.


It is a big question, how to reduce your website bounce rate? Before going to fix the bounce rate, it is important to know what exactly bounce rate means. Bounce rate percentage is calculated with your single page visits, e,g if the visitor visits your website page and leave the website without browsing any further pages then that visitors bounce rate would be 100% . It is important to decrease the bounce rate of your website because that reflects that users are not engaging and showing interest on your website. There are some useful practices by doing them you can control your website bounce rate and turns your traffic to generate revenue, leads and sales.

Improve your landing page:

If your website is continuous facing the huge bounce rate, then you must need to improve your landing page. There are several reasons, which can irritate your visitors to leave your website without browsing your rest of the pages, like if you have any redirects, iframs, content lockers, spam ads, substandard content, bad images, more loading time, not friendly interface, viruses and popups and so on. These are the few big factors, which play important role in decreasing your website traffic as well as increasing the bounce rate.

Fake or paid referral traffic:

If you are using such techniques to throw fake visitors on your website or buying any poor quality traffic then that causes a big reason of bounce rate. As those visitors will not consider the quality traffic and will no help you to generate any sales or leads. So try to use trusted and white hate sources to improve and bring website traffic.

Landing page relevancy:

It is another important thing, which mostly people ignore in greed of traffic. Try to optimize your landing page by considering your content relevancy. If the user search some query and visit your website against that query, your landing page should have that content to satisfy your visitors need, otherwise don’t expect the visitor to be stay on your website longer or to browse your further pages.

Show relevant pages and posts:

Try to display the relevant posts on your landing page, this technique also provoke users to browse your other posts and reduce your website bounce rate.

Now the final point that raises in your mind is what is the ideal bounce rate? As per expert’s analysis, the ideal bounce rate for your website should be between 20% to 35%. If your website has less than 20% bounce rate then it is ideal and adorable, but if you are facing up to 35% bounce rate then you must show your concern to take some steps, which we have mentioned above, to resolve this matter to make your website quality.