It’s always a big debate to index your website in search engines. Sometime this really confuse people as most of the people thinks this job very tough, and they only thinks that indexing there website in Google search engine would be enough. No doubt Google is one of the biggest search engines on internet with more than billions of indexed pages, but at the same time you can’t ignore the importance of Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Yandex, Baidu and few more.

Still there are lot of people who living in old age, as they still consider to use some black hat dirty techniques to index there website faster like doing some spam blog comments, creating profile backlinks, pinging from several ips and so on. But wait, why you are doing such techniques when already most of the search engines providing your there webmaster tools for doing this job easier for their users? Simply you need to join search engine webmaster tools and submit your website there and there spiders will comes on your website to analyze your pages and start indexing your website gradually. This is the best, safe and natural ever technique to index your website or blog.

For your ease below are the direct links for webmaster tools access of top search engines so you don’t need to scratch your brain for it.

Google : (You just need your Google account to join their webmaster program)

Yahoo/Bing: (As both search engines are working together so you don’t need to do extra efforts for both of the websites, but still you can submit your website on Yahoo for free by link as they are not offering webmaster tools : )

Yandex: (Signup and add your website)

Baidu: (One of the biggest Chinese language search engine offering now there webmaster tools in English)

Almost all webmaster tools offer the same features, but Google webmaster tools offers you ton of extra features than any else. We will explain you to operate every single search engine webmaster tools later for better learning and understanding.

If your website is new and don’t have posts and pages then you can simply fetch your website from webmaster tools to invite search engines spiders for crawling, but if your website has some number of pages and posts and you want to index all of them then you must create your website sitemap and submit that in all webmaster tools. As that will invite search engines spider to index your all web pages.

Hope after reading all this information, indexing website won’t be a problem for you. But if still you want to make some backlinks for better indexing techniques then don’t go for any spam backlinks like blog posts, guest posts, profile backlinks or any else blackhat techniques. You can simply create your social links for better results like to create your facebook page, youtube page, setup your Google plus profile, twitter page and so on. That leaves good and better impact for your new website in search engines.