As we all know that content must be unique to get high rank and the good response of viewers’. But the question is that what does “uniqueness” means? If you see from SEO perspective and you are content creator then it’s much important for you to understand the importance of content. You must need to know what duplicate content is and how unique your content can get better viewers’ response. In our content we are going to tell you some tips and criteria for checking that how unique is your content. You must follow some tips we are going to mention below to make your content unique.


  • When we talk about unique content we mean that words, phrases and numbers which have never seen by search engines before. It must be produced, written and published for the first time. So it must be of such kind which was never appeared before.
  • Your content must be relevant to the topic you are writing. Relevant means that your content must have searchers and engines interpret as shown on searcher’s option on internet. You must consider that what actually you want to get out of search, what questions you are trying to answer, and what information you are trying to give to the viewers.
  • You must write helpful content and must resolve searcher’s query in a good and useful manner.
  • One of the main things you should keep in mind while writing content is that it must be uniquely valuable. Never provide information that is unavailable.
  • If you want to get great user experience then you should write your own words which were not written before. Your content will be unique in a real way when you will provide such information which is available nowhere else. If you really want “wow Experience” of your viewers then you have to follow this rule.
  • Present your content in a massively different style and voice. Presentation matters a lot in content. You should add eye catching things in your content to make its style and voice different from other contents, because in content marketing world it matters a lot.

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Example of unique content checked by copyscape

no_dupe_contentExample of dupe content found by copyscape