Domain parking means a domain without being associated with e-mail or any website. This means protection against cyber-squatting and reserving domain name for future development. It can be classified as non-monetized and monetized. Domain parking is also known as advertising practice. The question is that when do people park a Domain name? Often when people buy any domain name and start their new website. They have premium domain but they don’t know what they run on it or they don’t have enough time to setup their website. So many website is providing the facility to people to park their website. We are going to mention three top websites where you can park your website.



Then these people park their website on one of the biggest and great website, This website is providing great facility for parking website. People park their website on sedo and whenever people visit this website they see advertisement their and people who parked their website they earn revenue from it without doing anything. Everyday millions of customer visit this website for their purpose, as it is innovative and leading website.



It is another great website and one of leading website in parking website. It’s a great industry for every domain. Huge numbers of people rely on this website. Since 2002 they are providing their services to the people. They are constantly building and testing new landings of pages and their designs. Huge number of population is taking advantage of landing page optimization. It’s a great technology and much beneficial. Almost more than 5 million Domains come at this platform per month. Rendering of pages per month is more than 500 million per month. You just need to make your account on it and have a good start. You can earn money without doing anything by just parking your website on Domain



It’s a great website which was founded in 2005. It’s a great domain parking service provider. This website monetizes almost more than 5 million domains on monthly basis and almost 100 million visitors on monthly basis. It’s our own personal experience that it provides us great understanding that how you can optimize and deliver great revenue by their domains. You can get many advantages from this website like, you can find worldwide ads and can deliver revenue, it accepts Chinese traffic, its data report is precise and great and their payment is much quick. You just need to sign up on their website and park your website.