It’s a big debate. On internet so many people search daily to get free virtual cards by using them they can get so many trial memberships for free and also there won’t be any risk of any theft or hacking in that. So it’s very difficult to find some reliable source that can fulfill your need and provide you such service for free. So finally we are here to disclose this secret to you.

There is one e-money service with the name of “neteller”, they are serving their clients from more than 15 years of time and well reputed and known for offering prepaid virtual and physical shopping cards. So if you are looking to have a free virtual card then it’s totally possible for you by simply signup on neteller website.

But the problem is they are not facilitating the people from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc. Don’t worries we found the solution for Asian people, so this trick really works for you to own your virtual master card for free. Below are the steps to follow:

1: In this example we are connected with Germany location proxy and will use the Germany fake profile to create account.

So once you are connected with the proxy just go on this link:


2: After going on signup page now you need to have German profile details to fill the required fields which you can generate from this site : Just chose the location Germany and name set German and hit the generate button it will generate the fake German person profile which you can use to fill the neteller form.


3: You are done. You have successfully created your neteller account. Now go into your neteller account and there you will see the option Net+Card.


4: Then click on add a virtual card option. There you need to put your desired name and chose the card currency and then submit.



5: Congratulation you have successfully create your virtual card and you can use it for several purposes which we will explain you in our other posts.