As we all know that creating quality backlinks is the best, effective and great way to move your website to high rank and on top of Google. Creating backlinks are critical to the growth and success of webmaster. We are going to tell you that how you can create quality backlinks for your website or blog.

  1. Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the great, best and effective way to gain quality backlinks for your blog or website. But keep in mind to consider some key points when you are trying to gain backlinks by article marketing. First thing you must keep in mind that you must do article marketing on relevant blogs or websites only. For example, if you are running any SEO company then you must submit articles related to SEO niche and must target SEO related things. It is much important to use your words for the promotion of your website. Keep in mind that if you are not using the power of your words correctly then it will be valueless for your website.

  1. Press Release

Another best way for creating quality backlinks is to make a good use of press release websites. You are able to get high number of backlinks from press release sites. As they are providing content to much small sites so there are high number of chances that they can be picked by new websites. You must keep in mind to have best and attractive title because this will attract people in a god way.

  1. Social Networking Site profile

It is another great way for getting high quality backlinks for your websites and blog. There are many sites that have high page rank and this helps a lot in flowing to your account. You are able to get many quality backlinks with the use of networking websites. As you can add links to your website by social marketing sites and it helps a lot in increasing the power to use them effectively.

  1. Link Exchange

As it is old-fashioned but still works great and a good choice. Huge numbers of people are using link exchange to get good ranking. If you are using link exchange for getting quality backlinks then you must have separate website as you can put the links of other people. It will make it better and secure for you and your website.

  1. Document Sharing Sites

Another best way to get quality backlinks for your website is to promote and submit your articles on document sharing websites. You can do it by compiling blog posts to pdf file and then upload it to file sharing website and leaving there a backlink of your website. Some people are afraid from this method but this method is much effective and helps in getting quality backlinks as these websites are trusted by great search engines and websites like Google.

  1. Guest Blogging

It is another great way for creating quality backlinks for your website. Many blogs have high page rank, so your article on their website can helps you a lot. If your article is great and unique then you are able to get more value and more people to your link. Guest blogging plays a very important role in getting high quality backlinks as it is trusted by Google and they don’t publish any duplicate content.

  1. Blog Commenting

Many people say that blog commenting don’t work great for creating quality backlinks but it is not true. Blog commenting works great and it is tested. You can use this great method for getting advantage from writing valuable comments. Keep in mind to stay away from useless comments and must focus on good logical comments as it will lead to the improvement of getting quality backlinks.