There are huge numbers of people who have become famous and well-known just because of their YouTube views. But behind every success and publicity there is always a hidden story. Many people always in search of getting more attention on such channel. If you are one of them and you want to gain more views on your YouTube then you are on the right place. We are going to tell you some simple, easy and beneficial tips of getting more views on your YouTube views.

Quality Video

On the top is quality video. First of all you have to make a quality video. Try to upload some unique video in good quality format. In every matter quality matters a lot and the success of everything depends upon quality work. If you are uploading unique video which contains unique and good material which is going to give benefits to others then you will automatically get more views and popularity.

Socially Engagement

After uploading your video on YouTube you need to find some way to make it more cover and displayable. Social networks are the best place for promotion of anything. You must share your video on social channels like Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. By uploading your video on social channels you will get more views of people and if they find it attractive they will share it further which results in the increase of the video’s views.

Blog Linking

If you are running any blog or website then it will also give you great help in gaining more views for your video. By using it you can market your any video. By posting your video on your website or blog it will attract more people towards it and automatically you will get views.

Attractive Thumbnails

After uploading video, you will see an option to choose “Thumbnail” image of your video. Try to use attractive thumbnail image which can be appealing for viewers. Because as attractive your thumbnail be, you will get more views and watchers.

Mouth Advertising

Just try to advertise your video to your friends by using Skype messenger, Facebook messenger, whatsapp and so on. It will bring more visitors to your video. It’s another great way to get more attention and views of people. Try to right some interesting and cool words before the URL of your vide. For example, “Wao!”. It will helps a lot in getting more views on videos.

All the above steps we have mentioned will help to bring more views on your video organically. There are also some paid ways to promote your video. You can also such resources for buying views for your video. We told you the some great and free ways which will definitely helps you a lot in attracting more views towards your YouTube videos.