Hashtag is a type of label which is usually used on social networks and also on micro blogging services. It helps lot users in finding messages, content, themes etc easily. Users place hashtag before or after the word or phrase which makes it easier for everyone to understand. For example, if we talk about great photo-sharing service “Instagram”. If someone place hashtag #Whitesky, it allows and helps users to find images which has been tagged as containing the word “Sky”. Hashtag plays a vital role in helping media to collect the opinions of people on world events. For example if you are searching on “Twitter” about #worldcup2015, then it will returns with many tweets telling you about 2015 cricket or FIFA world cup.

Hashtags have been mostly used for social activism. Now after its widespread use, in June 2014 “Hashtag” was added to Oxford English Dictionary. It is also used as hashtag symbol when someone use it for context.

Hashtag has become trend in social websites due to its popular use. It plays its role to attract more people towards any discussion. If we talk about any popular social site, we will find it there. On Facebook you can get great help on you posts by using hashtag which will makes your content easier for others to find. It almost works same as on other social sites like, Twitter. It is now become easy for every user as it appear as clickable links throughout Facebook and your timeline. If you are using hashtag then you can only write one word or sentence, for example, “#ILOVEFACEBOOK.” You can only include number and letters in it because it don’t support punctuation like, commas, asterisks, exclamation points, etc. you can use it for many purposes as it has much benefits.

Hashtag is the most efficient method to find any content containing specific topic and also people who are talking about such topics. You can use hashtag on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc to search and it will display results auto-complete in search bar.  If we talk about use of hashtag outside the social sites then it is used on comment system on Youtube and Gawker. It is used for blog commenting and also for direct submitted comments.

Hashtag is much popular and beneficial for you as it supports you on many social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Istagram, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, tumblr., and many more. You can use it to reach to your customers by using it. You can promote any event or conference. You can give a new life to your business by using hashtag.