Now days there are so much social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, and huge number of people are using them. These websites have become the most important place to visit and give great help to people. People who are using social websites, their first priority is always to get maximum likes or views of their post to get huge benefit for their product, service or organization. Many people focus on getting maximum likes or views for free. They are always in search of such techniques which can give them maximum likes or views for free. It gives a huge positive response in growing their social presence. There are many websites who help you to grow your views, likes, fans, followers, for free.

We are going to mention some top websites that can help you a lot in growing your social presence and make your dream come true to reach to high rank. We are going to mention some top websites.



On the top of the list is addmefast. You can try it for free by start promoting now and can get 50 points. addmefast is a great network and it can help you a lot in making your presence on social websites. This website allows you to grow your likes/follow/views/subscribe, and whatever you want. It allows you to increase your Facebook likes, share, followers, Youtube subscribe, video favorites, video likes, video views, Twitter followers, Twitter tweets & retweets, Pinterest Followers, Pinterest Pins & repins, Pinterest likes, Myspace friends, fans, and much more whatever you want.

Keep in mind that this website doesn’t sell likes, followers, subscribes, views, etc. this website will never ask you for username and password of social network and will also never post anything on your social accounts. Its registration is much easy and you can get 50 points at start and if you will be active user you will get 200 daily bonus points.



This is another social network which is free. It is the great promotional tool, which can give you a great help in growing your Twitter, Youtube, MySpace, Google+, Pinterest and any of your social website free. You will be allowed to pick who you want to like, follow, view, share, etc. youlikehits don’t sell likes, followers, hits, etc. it is totally free. This website will never post anything from your account without asking your permission. Their automation policy is much strict and macro. Keep in mind that all the likes, followers and views will not be fake; they will be from real people. Increase your social ranking with the help of this website and achieve high ranking.



This is another great website and the favorite website of much people. This is the only free SEO booster which has delivered more than 200 million web traffic and 90 million social media shares. This website has nearly 1 million active users. Link collider helps you a lot in growing your online business, social media networks, personal blogs, increasing traffic, improving SEO ranking, getting free Face Book like and shares. You can use this website in boosting SEO to gain huge traffic with real people from almost 1 million users from more than 200 countries. It will be the right decision of your life to select this website to grow your social presence. You cannot imagine that how much benefits you can get by using this website. It’s the best tool for the success of your website.



It is another great website to grow your social presence just for free. Twiends helps you a lot in growing your audience on Instragram and Twitter. It’s a great vibrant community of people who use Twitter and they are waiting for us to follow. Like other this website also don’t sell followers. They promote their all visitors and members responsibly and safely. This website is the directory of millions of people. You can add yourself in this website easily and quickly. These website do their best in blocking fake and inappropriate users. It is totally free to use twiends and they don’t remove any of their features for non-paying members. If you want to promote yourself faster then there is also paid offer for you. You can get subscription on weekly basis or Once-off purchase. It can make you VIP on this website.


like4like is another great social media exchange. You can have free FaceBook like, followers, shares, comments, Twitter followers, Tweets, favorites, YouTube subscribers, views, likes, Google+, Pinterest and much more. You can earn bonuses by referring others to this website. It is a great and easy way to earn bonus from this website. This website rewards their top 200 users every week in two categories. “Weekly personal Bonus” and “weekly Referral Bonus”. You can earn maximum points in one week. is much beneficial and great for businesses, webmasters, retailers, personalities, musicians, bloggers, etc. you can raise up your page, product or organization on internet by having maximum fans, likes on sites, photos, or videos. Join this fastest growing social media now and see the results with your own eyes.

There are also so many other social exchange sites available on internet. However, we have discussed few top from them, which have huge number of active users. Further from these websites you can not only increase your own social engagement as well as you can also use such websites to launch your social services like, to sell Facebook likes, YouTube views, Twitter followers and so many other services like this.  So this can be a good start to start earning from micro job sites.