Social marketing plays role of back bone in internet marketing. And now days there are not even thousands even millions of social networking websites on internet, and there are few which are really useful and plays important role to help in promotion of your business. Most of the sites get more than 30% to 50% of website traffic from social sources. So when you really looking to bring visitors towards your website then you must jumps into social marketing. Now there is another big question which usually asked by so many newbies that which social sites are most popular and can perform better to drive traffic. So there are some top sites like youtube, facebook, vk, twitter, linkedin, foursquare, instagram, google plus, tumblr, flickr, wordpress, stumbleupon, vimeo, reddit, scoopit, dailymotion and few more in the list. I will explain in detail for the top social websites in another article.

So there are so many social networks which you must join as they can help your website in better social engagement as well as make your website stronger from SEO aspect. But the big hustle is after joining top social websites it’s really difficult to operate all networks to keep posted on them about your latest updates about website. But there are some good social media management providers available on internet that can provide you the service in which you link your all social network accounts and can post on all of your social accounts by single click. Today we talk about “”.

Hootsuite is service who offers social media management in which you can link your all social accounts with their website and can simply operate them by their user friendly graphical dashboard. The great thing is they have two premium plans available and they also offer 30 days free trial for there “Pro” plan so in this article we guide you how you can avail that free trial.

You simply need to go on and click on “start 30 days free trial” there they will show you the pro plan with the monthly fees of 9.99$. In their billing area you can simply use your virtual card details to avail this trial offer totally free. For getting free virtual card pleases visit “How to get free virtual card“.


So once you successfully complete the steps you can start enjoying your premium hootsuit membership now. First you need to setup your social accounts, that are time taking task, but once you complete it properly it will be really useful. After setting up your all social accounts you need to link them with hootsuit and on top of your hootsuit dashboard there will be compose message option where you can write your message which you want to post on your social networks and then from the list you can chose your linked social accounts on where you want to post that message and your one click will post your that message to your all linked selected social accounts.


So now you will really feel the worth of hootsuit membership and there quality service. Believe me its heaven to operate your multiple social accounts from one place and there membership rates are much cheaper than compared to other. Hope I solve your multiple social accounts management problem by this article.