Now-a-days people are much attracted towards social networks. Now majority of people are addict towards social sites. As there are much social websites like Face Book, Twitter, Google plus, Linked-in, Pintrest, etc. It’s not an easy job to manage all your social sites together. It’s much difficult to manage all your social sites at a same time. If you don’t manage all social sites at a time it’s a major drawback for your website. It can lead your business far behind, as social sites helps a lot in taking your business to the high level. Managing all social networks is one of the biggest source to drive traffic towards your website and to get better SEO rankings as well. It is much beneficial for you and your organization and save your much precious time.
So there are few services that help you to manage all social accounts from same platform. We are going to mention top four platform, who can helps you all a lot in managing all social sites for your website from same platform and engaging your presence on social media.




If you are really serious about your business and social networks then you must join It’s the choice of more than 10 million professionals. You can sign-in here with your Twitter, Face Book or Google account. You can also create a new account here. Here you can connect with more than 30 popular social networks. This website has the great ability to manage all your social networks. It can also schedule messages for further publishing. It makes your workload less because you can reply to all messages and can comment on a single dashboard. You can have ability of scheduling your social messages at optimal times. Hootsuite saves your precious time by posting hundreds of messages to all social networks with single click. You just need to target your posts and share them according to location, language and demographically.

In Hootsuite security is not a joke at all. In it assets, reputations and financials are all at stake. Hootsuite gives great security to your logins, profile and permission level and it keeps your organization feel protected. If you really want to increase your social reach and productivity then you can find 80 applications like YouTube, Instagram, Reddit in app directory which is on the right side in social media dashboard. Hootsuite is able to serve you much effectively and help you on personal level. You can get your free 30 days hootsuite trial by visit this ” Hootsuite trial




It’s another great website who allows you to manage your all social sites at same platform. Its great and powerful social media software. Sprout is secure, reliable and trusted. You can find great opportunities to engage and able to join social conversations. You can publish your messages to Face Book, Twitter, Google+ etc from a single platform. measures your performance and analyzes all your social efforts. Sprout’s social media platform includes unifies smart box for streaming and engagement, social CRM tools, advanced scheduling tools, sophisticated analytics, customer support, team collaboration, etc. It is certified partner of Twitter for Engagement and Analysis. It is preferred marketing developer of Face Book and is certified third-party management tool of Google+. Sprout social features includes Engagement, Monitoring, Social CRM, Publishing, Analytics, Collaboration, Helpdesk and Mobile. You can find many opportunities here to engage and join the social conversations. Sprout gives you 30-Days free trial and there is no requirement of credit card and no need of software to install.




Sendible is another great platform for engaging with customers, monitoring your reputation on multiple social channels and measuring results at once. If you are tired of logging again and again to multiple social networks. Then you are on the right place. Because allows you to update Face Book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other Blog sites from a single compose box. You can add links, attach your photos, target the audience you want to target and then customize your post. You can easily publish your message on all your social networks, mailing list and blogs with a single click.

It is great and best advanced social media management software, which can manage measure and monitor all your social networks. You can keep on the top of social media by keeping an eye on important stuff with their social inbox. You can monitor your brand on social web and this can helps a lot in the growth of your business with their Social CRM and powerful lead generation tools. Here you can measure your social media marketing efforts in a good way. It is much easy to use composition tools which allows customers to use it effectively and it create effective content which displays on your all social networks and blogs. You can have 30-Days free trial of it.



Sprinkl is another great tool to manage your all social networks from one platform. As you, know that there is a lot difference between doing social and being social. Sprinkl gives you great opportunity to do social and being social in effective and easy way. Social media is a key to interact with the world and is about joining global conversation. You can have a great access with your community and customers from a single platform. You can publish whatever you want on all your social networks and blogs from a same platform on a single click. Sprinklr gives you ability to manage your all social sites from one place.

Sprinklr makes social media for you a core function for your business. I have never seen such a great tool with much functionality with simple and unique display. It has got 16 social channels and powering over four billion social connections in more than 75 countries. It’s great social software for large enterprise. It gives you ability to simplify social across your enterprise with only one single solution. You can also have of access of 24/7 via mobile phone. You can request a demo for you.