There are so many reasons to buy expired domains. Like if you are looking for aged domains, premium domains, established domains and so on. That’s why expired domains are always in demand. There are so many websites who offer you to find expired domains but there are just few big market places that directly own and sell expired domains. Among them we will explain you 3 best expired domains market places to use them for buying expired domains.


GoDaddy Auctions


If you are looking to buy expired domains then GoDaddy is one of the best and biggest domain providers in the industry. They have millions of active domains as well as expired domains. They have their own market place to buy expired domains from them. On which you can also place your bid for domain or can also buy. You can get so many domains at the cheapest possible price. You just need to be have GoDaddy account to become a part of their marketplace. After buying the expired domains from GoDaddy it will take 7 days to transfer domain to your GoDaddy account. The great thing is that they provide advance search option to search domains so it will be easy for you to search your domains as per your desire.


NameJet is another great auction company which is the place of expired and deleted domain names. There you can find millions of expired and deleted domain names which you can buy. As their main business is to offer expire and deleted domains so they provide more advance feature and facilities for buying domains than GoDaddy. They categorized domain names so that user can search as per their choice. They also offer “Buy Now” and “Bid” option to purchase. They have so many premium domains on sale. You must consider NameJet to buy expired domains.


SnapName is another great place to buy expired domain names. Here you can also find much expired domain names of your choice. They also provide facility to “Bid” and “Watch” domain. The great feature of SnapName is they offer the “Escrow” as a mode of payment which helps in gaining more buyers’ trust. As first you need to choose the domain which you want to buy and then your payment transaction will be done through “Escrow”, in which your payment will release after getting your domain into your account. Their main working is to provide data of those domains, which are near to be expire and if you want to have that domain then you can put that domain into your watch list and if that will get available, you can simply buy that. They also have great search features, by using them it will be easy for you to search for right domain to buy.