Bluestacks App is a great program that plays a role of bridge between your mobile and desktop. It allows users to their favorite Android apps on their computer. There is an innovative feature named “Cloud Connect” which allows users to push apps from their Android device to Bluestacks. It was released in 2011 and going upward continuously and currently it is totally free to download in its beta form. Do you want to enjoy Android on your desktop? The answer is yes, and then take a look of Bluestacks setup. In our article we will also tell you about some of its interesting features and controls.

  1. Installing

You can find this App for Windows and OSX computers. It will be a quick compact install to boot drive. Keep in mind there will be no option in installer to go to different directory or drive. You can make only one choice during installation and that is whether to allow program for notification as well as option to opt in it. It helps in holding daily app giveaways.

  1. Home Screen


After installation is completed, it will boot up to Home Screen. There you will have access to installed apps, search for apps, look up apps and access setting. For basic touch controls you can use mouse by clicking and holding for stimulation of basic tap and swipe controls. Before you move on for installing apps you need to do a little bit setup more. You just need to set up access to Google play store and just need to associate Google account with Bluestacks.

  1. Setting of App Store


After you installed Bluestacks, the very first thing you must do is to associate your Google account and only in this way you can have access to Google play store and can download apps. Just go to “My Apps” and click “1-Click Sync Setup”. It will bring up a wizard interface which will guide you through the process. You can sign in with your existing account or can create a new Google account.

  1. Setting of Bluestacks Cloud Connect

There is an optional setup for users with Android Smartphone or tablet; it is Bluestacks cloud Connect app which allows users to push apps from Android device to Bluestacks. Just download Cloud Connect for Android device and go to setting button and simply click on “Cloud Connect”.

If you are having Android phone then enter email address and you phone number. After it you will receive instructions through SMS and email that how you can connect your phone to Bluestacks, push app and Sync SMS.
If you are using Android tablet then you can just use email address to synch Bluestacks with your device. After you register cloud connect you will receive email containing PIN number. You will put that PIN number into your Cloud Connect app.

Now you are able to push apps between your device and Bluestacks. You are installing same app on your desktop as well as on mobile without synching app data. It is the easiest way to copy apps from your device to Bluestacks.

  1. Installing and Running of Apps

If you don’t sync apps to and from Android device, you simply can use built in App search to search for install apps from Google play, 1Mobile or Amazon. You will find it confusing in the start because Bluestacks will not allow you to directly get to its three built-in app market. You have to go through App search button. Just type the name of your desired App in there and it will directly search Google play, Amazon and 1Mobile for matches. Then it will give you the option to install from any of the above stores. After you access one of the above three stores, you can be able to navigate that store. Google play can give you advantage of store’s search and features. After coming back to home screen the app you installed will be ready to use. Keep in mind that Bluestacks don’t run everything.

  1. Controls and Settings

Now you have got everything you need to install and run from Bluestacks. If you are running touchscreen rig or Windows, you need to pinch to zoom and tilt controls.

If you want Pinch to Zoom: Control+ or Control –

If you want to Tilt Controls: ‘Z’ or ‘X’ it can be used for titling device left or right

Bluestacks support gamepad controls for many apps. Just plug in your controller and Bluestacks will inform you. Finally setting menu, which is also called gear icon that contains assorted system setting for language, contacts, account management, keyboard settings and app manager for uninstalling applications.