In our today’s article we are going to tell you about the comparison between PayPal and skrill. We are going to tell you the detailed comparison between both.



Skrill is providing great services to the customers which are making it easy and secure for people. People are feeling ease in online purchase without providing their financial details. It is considered to be the biggest online payment service which is providing over hundred local payment options. Skrill is accessible in two hundred countries of the world. Huge numbers of People prefer to choose skrill for their payments and it is preferred by more than 125,000 merchants from different countries of the world. As it is providing secure and easy way to the people to pay for online purchasing without giving them headache of providing their financial details like, credit card details, bank account number or 3rd party vendors. It is considered to be cheaper alternative and cost-effective when compares to other payment solutions. Skrill also known to be Moneybookers ltd. It has got user-friendly and secure interface. Skrill has customized its payment solutions for the users just for making it compatible with the eBay platform.  Skrill is easy and friendly for both buyers and sellers who are involved in online trading. Users can make their payment through credit card, debit card or by bank transfer and also addition of hundreds of local payment options using skrill. You will enjoy numerous benefits using skrill and there is no chance of fraud and risk in it. One great thing which differentiates skrill from other payment solutions are, skrill is totally free for buyer and only seller will be charged a minimal fee.



If we talk about PayPal then it is also providing great online service. It is supported in more than 190 markets and has over 153 million registered users. PayPal supports 24 currencies throughout the world and it is considered to be the safest method for making online payments. PayPal charge users with 3.75% on each transaction and is considered to be expensive payment solution. PayPal is not providing free support service to the users like skrill is providing and it is expensive than skrill. But one thing is good that in both payment solutions opening of account for buyers is free of cost which is a huge advantage. In PayPal there is a limit of transaction, as a limit of $500 till the users verifies their credit card details and bank details and then limit will be removed. It is also considered to be the best payment solution and considered to be the world’s largest internet payment service.

We told you the detailed information about both payment services. Try one of them of your choice whom you prefer to choose and have fun.