Pinterest is achieving its worth day by day and no more like underdog after coming on 3rd place after face book and twitter. More than 100 million people are using it for social marketing. It has become the talk of social marketing and of course blogosphere. Pinterest started its career in 2009 and achieved its worth in just 3 years. According to research daily more than 1 million people visit it because they can’t live without pinning their photos, recipes, craft, pets, etc and also they can’t live without using pinterest for social marketing.

Pinterest is not only beneficial for personal usage but it helps a lot in Business promotion. It’s actually a visual-based social network which drives much traffic and creates value for marketers. Number of unique visitors of pinterest is increasing day by day.

How Pinterest Works

Let’s have a look we are going to lead you inside pinterest. It’s a great pin board which allows its users to have a look on interesting stuff, pin them and also allows them to comment. The main reason which becomes the fame of pinterest is its cool and captivating pictures. Naturally we people love to see beautiful images of people, food, nature, art, celebrities, etc. On pinterest people pin what they want to see and it allows them to pin them.

Every pin in linked with a source of image which is usually an external site (a link to your site). So with every pin on any image leads readers to your website. You can also call it crowd puller. It depends upon you that if you want to be pinned and repined by people your images must be eye-catching and worthwhile.

Marketing Pinterest: It Works For You

If you really want to build your loyalty and confidence then you must build your following on pinterest. The first step is to create eye-catching account. You can active the profile with your own name or your company’s brand. But you have to keep in mind that majority of people follow individuals not companies unless the company is much popular.


You can link your profile with the email which you are using for your twitter account. In this way you are able to share pins quickly in both social networks. You must not forget to add pinterest social media button on your website, portfolio or blog. You should also add your pinterest signature to your email because these two things can helps a lot in promotion.

How to Get Pinned

Keep in mind that pinterest can’t sell your products or services. You sell your products or services by using the social platform of pinterest. It’s not too much easy and also not much difficult. You just have to follow some tips which we are going to tell you.

You should create unique boards and make them in a great way that can help you to gain crowd. If you will select unique name people will be fonder on knowing what’s really inside your board. You have to make them curious about it. Its picture-based website, so you should add quality images. Do not watermark the images and make it share-able. You should also vamp your QR code. As you know that Community of pinterest likes good images and if you will make a cool QR code it will be worthy for being pinned. If you will add detailed description with your images then it helps a lot to gain attention of users. One thing more to keep in mind that you must interact with your pinterest friends and rewarding your pinners will be beneficial for you.