Social content locker is the main source to boost social traffic and the ranking of your website. Now-a-days everyone is looking to grow his online business successfully. This is the reason that everyone is much dependent on search engines as a code of traffic. Huge number of people already has their social media logos to encourage their readers to like, share, comment or tweet. But there is one method which is often completely overlooked is to use content locker. It is actually a set of social buttons and a locker. It helps a lot in increasing your social media presence by asking viewers to pay for your content by liking or tweeting it. You can get many benefits by adding content locker to your website which results in gaining your social engagement. There are two types of content lockers: social lockers and paywall content lockers.

  1. Social lockers require a person to share his article to gain access to locked content. It may be new article or extra section to an article.
  2. In paywall content lockers users are asked to pay fee to gain access. Fee is usually between $0.50 and $3.

Content locker act in such a way that when you open any web page it will ask you to share your website on social platform or to like them on social sites. Then it will show you that page. Social locker is the great way to increase traffic. You must add a responsive social content locker to your site. You can easily much percentage of social network traffic with wordpress social locker. It is actually a set of social buttons and a locker. It simply allows you to lock content on web page until any of visitor clicks one of your social buttons which results in improving your social performance of your website. This helps in getting more likes and shares and attracts much traffic from social networks.
Your content worth a lot as it is not worthless, so let people to pay for what they are reading, watching or listening by likes, shares or tweets. Attract much traffic on your website from social media web sites.
Features of social content locker are as follows:

  • Lock any content until visitor share it (images, videos, etc)
  • Content which are locked are still available for search bots like Google, Bing,etc.
  • It support nested shortcodes and phrase hidden content for shortcodes
  • It always remembers the users who have already unlocked your content
  • There is option available for disabling the locker for users who are logged-in
  • There is great and fully customization for each locker.
  • Create a lot of lockers and each is unique
  • Tinymce editor is provided with the help of with can create content locker message

There are so many content lockers are available, but if you are using wordpress based website then we can recommend you these two social content lockers. As they have so many features and easy to use.




By adding content locker to your landing page will irritate your visitors but if you have useful content then people really respond your content locker. As this will be the source to increase your social engagement faster.