Your website always need for visitors and traffic. And now days there are so many platforms available to drive the traffic on your website. But another most important thing to keep in mind is you must drive the traffic to your website of high quality. Because if you are using any ad network like adsense then substandard or spam traffic will be the cause to ban your account. Try your best to increase your organic and social traffic as they considered being a high quality and safe traffic for your website which also helps your website in giving good rankings as well as improve your website global rank.

But the websites which are getting low traffic they are always looking for some sources to bring traffic on their website. But before choosing any paid advertisement campaign you must need to learn about their methods to drive traffic as well as to check there quality. And the most important thing is if you are using any ad network like adsense, or others then don’t go with paid traffic as that turns into trouble for your ad accounts.

Today we will share you the paid advertisement experience with . Mylikes is one of the biggest and popular social website network which providing opportunities to publishers to earn from them by using their social accounts as well as to advertisers to promote their website through their campaigns. As they claim to be a social website so mostly advertisers get confused and think that the traffic which they will receive will be from social sources and will be totally safe for their website. So the answer is “NO”. As to clear this thought we do try there advertisement ourself to give its actual review to our users.

First of all if you are using adsense on your website then we totally do not recommend you to go with any paid traffic source including mylikes. Further mylikes are also work like PTC (pay to click) network. There are so many reasons not to use mylikes paid advertisement like:

  • There minimum daily campaign budget is 20$ that is too high not suitable for small advertisers rather than this you can use adwords or facebook paid campaign as there you can start with 1$ daily budget.
  • They don’t drive the quality traffic as they force people to visit your website so most of the people don’t show any interest in your website and just leave your website after visiting your landing page that causes the high bounce rate of your website as well as lower the visitor time on your website which left bad traffic impact on your website. For your reference we have included the screen shot and you can see yourself.


  • Their traffic shown as referral traffic with their referral url “ / referral” so people can easily track that you are getting the cheap traffic just to increase your traffic rankings.


  • Your all campaigns will be 100% prepaid so you can only run the campaigns after loading the balance in your account and that should be 20$ minimum with daily spending.
  • Their campaign report doesn’t provide you enough data to understand, they will just provide you basic stats which are totally not enough to satisfy the advertiser.


This is the preview of detailed campaign stats.


We have told you the hidden truth about mylikes advertiser’s platform as we have tested them our self and share our experience after comparing them with other quality advertisement networks like Adwords, Facebook, Yahoo and others. We will also share the other ad networks experience with you soon.