LSI keywords are known latent semantic indexing. It is a retrieval and indexing method which use mathematical technique which is called singular value decomposition. Its main focus is to identify the relation in between terms and concepts of text. Sometimes ago keywords can easily rank webpage by only inserting huge number of amount of it in one article. But now Google is punishing those who are doing it and just for this reason everyone fears about keyword stuffing and over-optimizing. We are going to tell you how you can save yourself from being punished. It is basically a SEO term for related keywords or synonyms. We are going to tell you why one must use LSI keywords and how we can use them.

It is the thing which determines the relevancy of any article. For example if you are writing any article and you post about “xyz” and you use it for 10 times in your article then your competitor have to use it for 11 times to get higher position than you and to beat you in Google search position. LSI is much useful in a sense that if someone make a page about “Apple”. Then we will be confused that is it fruit, brand or the name of any pet. Here LSI plays its role and if there are some words like flavor, taste or such type then it will be much easy to understand that it’s about fruit. In this example flavor and taste are LSI keywords for the keyword “Apple”. LSI is a part of Google algorithm. If you are searching anything on Google and you type a word, then Google highlight the words. These are LSI in Google vocabulary.

If you are writing on “Tips to Recover from Google Penguin”. Then you must add primary keywords such like “Recover from Google Penguin”. You must include related terms. If you put any term like “Black penguin, bird, attack” or such like that then Google will think that you are writing article on recovering from bird attack like, penguin attack.

You can include LSI keywords on Title tag, permalinks, header tags, anchor texts, beginning or ending paragraph. If you will stuff keywords all through your article or blog post then be ready for penalize from Google.