SERP is definitely the thing which can play a vital role in making or breaking your online marketing campaign. SERP is known as “search engine result page”. We are going to tell you what exactly is SERP and how it can be beneficial for you.

SERP is identified as search engine result page but the question is that what it exactly means. Because it is showing that it just means SERP is just a list of web pages. You have seen millions but we are going to give sample of Google result page about “Health insurance”.


There are three components shown above that are:

  • The users’ search Query and it is the thing which searcher types in. in the above picture searcher is looking for “health insurance”.
  • Second component is Organic SERP listings which are natural listings that produce results. Google actually use series of metrics to make sure that whether your site is relevant or not. If you want your website to show there you have to perform effective and have to score well on algorithm test.
  • Third one is Paid SERP listings which are advertisements or sponsored links. You can have your own ad by just displaying or launching pay-per-click search campaign. You must make sure that your Quality score and maximum CPC bids allow you about securing high position for keyword you are targeting.

If you rank your website in proper SERP position it will make a great difference between your success and failure of your search marketing campaigns. Majority of people prefer to click on first page and many of them click on earlier results. You will get more traffic if you become successful in getting your search engine higher. It is little bit difficult to improve SEO SERP.

It’s not much easy to improve your SERP in Google but also its not much difficult. If you are generating better SEO ranking for the good and competitive keywords then sometimes it will be little bit complicated and also it will be profitable for you. It will be expensive if you will buy paid SERP position. Because in this situation you will be charged little bit higher. After all these things question remain that how can we improve our Google SERP ranking. For it you have to discover “Research Keywords” which will be beneficial in getting traffic. Then you have to make such structure for Ad groups which are well organized for information architecture for SEO. Then manage your SEO workflow by understanding that which area will give you more benefit of your money and time. Also manage your PPC workflow, act n Analytics and observe the results and repeat it.